Labels and Results

VIVA labels are synonymous with absolute transparency between the wine company and the consumer, ensuring a clear, complete, uniform, and transparent communication about the results of the analyzes, certified by a third party.

Labels and Results

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VIVA Certifications

The VIVA Program provides for three types of certification: Organization (company), Product and Consortium.

Organization Analysis allows a general assessment of the environmental, social and economic impacts associated with the company’s activities, allowing producers to gain greater awareness of their impacts, while identifying possible areas for improvement.

Product Analysis is linked to entire life cycle of the product and allows both producers and consumers to understand which stages of the production process have a greater impact on the environmental and social aspects. Such analysis allows to identify both the current performances and the improvement process taken by the company over time.

Consortium Analys carries out an overall assessment of the sustainability performance of the Consortium through the utilization of the VIVA Organization indicators to a number of companies such as to guarantee that at least 75% of the wine marketed by the Consortium itself is included in the certification.

VIVA Labels

As part of the VIVA Program, to ensure a clear, uniform and transparent communication, a label has been set up. The label is accessible through a QR code from smartphone or tablet. In the label the results and improvements in terms of sustainability reached by the producers participating to VIVA are summarized and made known to the consumers. The first step to access the analysis results is the identification of the VIVA label, normally placed on the back of the bottle. By photographing the QR code you are connected to the dedicated site where the Program and its objectives are illustrated. Guided by a simple and intuitive graphic interface, you can consult and check the sustainability parameters of the wine you intend to purchase. The symbolism adopted in the digital label helps the consumer to visually distinguish the different areas dedicated to the presentation of the results of the four indicators: AIR, WATER, VINEYARD and TERRITORY. The detail of each indicator contains a brief description that allows to better understand the sustainability aspects expressed by the indicator itself and to verify the performance of the company. A further degree of detail, symbolized by a “+” sign, allows to view the last recorded result and, by reading the previous reports that can be downloaded in the section, one can check the trend of the indicator over the time, showing the commitment of the manufacturing company. In the end one can download a document containing the list of improvement actions undertaken by the company. The VIVA digital label is therefore synonymous with absolute transparency: an ideal interface between the manufacturer and the consumer; a first and very important step in the common direction of sustainability.