Specifications and Indicators

Specifications (approved list of technical requirements) standardize the methodology for the analysis of the indicators that provide the measurement of the sustainability of the production chain wineyard-wine.




The Italian Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security, as part of the VIVA Program “Sustainability in the Italian wine sector”, with the collaboration of the Research Center for Sustainability in Agriculture of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart and the Agroinnova Competence Center of the University of Turin (2011-2014), set up:

Technical Specifications containing the methologies necessary for the calculation of the four VIVA indicators (AIR, WATER, VINEYARD and TERRITORY), for the product analysis as well as organization and consortium analysis;

Assessment Specifications, which defines the criteria, requirements and methologies by which the assessment organizations must conduct the verification and certification of VIVA indicators;

Label Specifications which contain guidelines for the labelling of the analyzed products, for the use of the organization label and for the communication of results.

VIVA specifications are subject to periodic updates that take into account both the evolution of European and international Specifications on the subject and of the Program itself, as a result of constant interaction and comparison with the directly interested stakeholder.

What are the objectives?


the sustainability performance of the vine-wine supply chain through the analysis of the four VIVA indicators


concrete improvement actions to be implemented for each VIVA indicator


the repeatability and reproducibility of the analysis conducted


the culture of sustainability and continuous improvement

Request the Specifications

In order to receive a copy of the Specifications it is necessary to complete the application form and submit it to the Italian Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security. The request will be evaluated.

Students, researchers, and professors interested in receiving a copy of the Specifications must, in addition to the form, fill in and submit the confidentiality document and the thesis form (for students only).