Project VIVA conference

On Saturday, April 2nd, at the Civic Theater in Tortona, scientific leaders of the VIVA program will take part in the 1st conference of the VITA project. The project is an example of the application of the VIVA specification at the level of the Tortona Hills territory. The aim of the VITA project is to support 11 “pilot” wineries in the implementation of the actions provided by the project, aimed at the adoption of a shared model of vineyard management oriented towards sustainability. The issues considered are those that determine an impact on water bodies, with particular attention to protection, which will also be carried out through the use of the Decision Support System (DSS):®.

At the 1st Conference, experts in the field of sustainability will gather.

The panel discussion moderated by Prof. Lucrezia Lamastra, scientific head of the VIVA Program, together with Dr. Stefano Stefanucci will feature:

· Ettore Capri: Director OPERA, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

· Gian Paolo Repetto: President of the Consortium of Wines and Colli Tortonesi

· Antonio Ferrentino: President of Associazione Nazionale delle Città del Bio

· Stefano Massaglia: University of Torino

The goal is to define sustainability as an element of a territory by investigating its crucial points: synergy, advantage, and commitment.

Please note that participation recognizes:

• nr. 0.5 CFP SDAF 02 for the category of Dr. Agronomists and Dr. Foresters/Ref CONAF Regulation 3/2013.

• Training credits for the category Agrotechnicians and Agrotechnicians Graduates of Piemonte.